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Disposed like an anphiteatre in a valley, surrounded by hills cultivated with olive groves, orchards and vineyards, Sennori overlooks the panorama of the Gulf of Asinara. Sennori is a village of seven thousand people, situated between Sassari and Sorso, in Romangia. The village was born, maybe, during the Roman age, as defense village.

Today, Sennori is mainly an agricultural center, where are producted excellent oil and wine, primary sources of its wealth: for this reason, this little city is part of the national associations 'city of oil' and 'city of wine' (first Sardinian municipality to receive the title).

Sennori is also famous for the artisan tradition, that is expressed in the art of weaving, with the production of baskets from dwarf palm leaves.

Our experience in basket production, executed only by hand, preserves the ancient traditions, where the delicacy of the colors, the particularity of the shapes and the attention to details, guarantee the quality and the respect of our artisan tradition.


SAM S.a.s. di CANU MARIO & C. 

Registered Office: Via Cagliari, 18 – 07100 Sassari

Operational Headquarters: Loc. Badde Cossos, Zona P.I.P. - 07036 Sennori (SS) P. I.V.A. 01835500909

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    Loc. Badde Cossos
    Via Mastinu - Marras Vicolo A, snc
    07036 Sennori (SS)